Hello world!

Cuppa Tea

Welcome to my beautiful, messy corner of the world! Come in, grab a cuppa tea or coffee, sit down and stay awhile. I always enjoy meeting new folks and hanging out with old friends. It is an honor to hear stories and share life together.

I am a Story-Seeker. All of the ‘outside the box” living that I have done can be seen through that lens. Travel the world? That’s a story. Homeschool a large family? That’s a story (or two or three!) Walk through tragedy and griefland? That’s a story. Meet new people? More stories.

This is a place to share stories–from my own life and from others I have met along the way. This is a place for you to find encouragement and to be challenged to seek out your own stories. Hopefully, this is a place where you can share your own stories. You can do that by commenting on things that resonate for you. If you would like to share your story in a guest post, please contact me!