Welcome to my world—a sometimes messy place to live loud, live colorfully, and live with heART! I am letting creativity flourish in my life as I make art of various kinds, as I pursue dreams, and as I surround myself with beautiful things and kindred spirits.

This is ME!

I am in my second half of life. I am a sometimes-too-independent wife and an always-so-proud mom of seven children, most of whom are grown and wandering the world. I am a voracious reader, a dream-chaser, a wounded hope-er, a born-teacher, and a nomadic gypsy (in my heart). I prefer to live “outside the box” and I hate to be expected to color inside the lines.

I treasure hearing the stories of others. There is a richness found in sharing life experiences and encouraging others along the way. It is an honor to facilitate classes—online and at select retreats—which help participants more clearly understand and interact with their own stories. I have taught people of all ages and am delighted to encourage others to uncover their creativity and pursue their dreams.

This website is a place to collect and share stories–from my life, from my heart, and from those I meet along the way. Please grab an RSS feed or sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss anything.

(Author photo taken by the wonderful Jo Blackwell, photographer extraordinaire in the UK. You can see much more of her work HERE.)