A Colorful Creative Life

I have played with art since I was little. For many years, I honed my photography skills, learning more each time I went wandering with my camera. My hubby regrets not buying me a digital camera years earlier since it saves so much money in developing costs! In 2014 I set myself the challenge of documenting our summer with 100 Days of Summer, posting a single image to represent each day. In 1999, I discovered scrapbooking–a way to creatively combine my love of color and photography with a little bit of story-telling. In 2009 I started blogging–a process which is heavy on story telling with some art and photography thrown in. I found art-journaling and on-line art classes in 2010 and am thriving with this regular infusion of art into my daily world.

If you want to see lots of color and hear about my ideas and thoughts as I create art and practice creativity, check out my art blog at