I am a born-teacher. Anything I learn is fair game to be shared with others. My heart sings when someone else has an “aha-moment” when connecting with new things. I have worked with all ages–from young children to elderly folks. I have taught on-line art classes and have facilitated art activities at selected in-person retreats. I’m no good at simple stand-at-the-podium lectures. I want to get students involved in the material. I want to help them learn in hands-on ways that will make the lessons stick for the long-term.

I am frequently frustrated at not finding teaching materials that have the exact focus I’m interested in. Years ago, I discovered that I enjoy writing curriculum that meets specific needs. What I develop is usually a combination of my own life experience with resources gathered from being a voracious reader.

Check back here occasionally to see my latest offerings! I would love to have you join me as we use the power of art and words to discover and interact with our own stories.

Appalachian Trail Adventures — resources to learn more about backpacking on the Appalachian Trail

Hope for the Holidays — using art and words to help grieving folks find a way through the holiday season

Growing Hope — using art and words to help grieving folks process what has been lost and find hope for the future