Appalachian Trail Adventures

Daughter and I enjoy taking weeks long backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail. You are invited to follow our adventures. We currently offer the following resources, with more in development:

If you want updates on our adventures in the woods, check out my main blog, The Big Epic, found HERE. You can sign up for email notification of new posts, if desired.

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Are you part of a group who invites speakers to share their passions? Daughter and I would be happy to visit your group for a special presentation and QA session. Currently, we offer three different focuses, all based on our backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail: Eating in the Woods, The Homeschooled Hiker, and Calming the Crazies with a Walk in the Woods (about the mental health benefits of backpacking). If you would like more information, please use the form below to contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Presentation, Special Speakers

Daughter “Andowen” has just published a short book based on our hiking adventures. “A Note from Andowen: Adventures on the Appalachian Trail” is filled with short stories about an Elven Academy which teaches teens how to live in the woods.If you are interested in ordering this book (in ebook, pdf, or print copy), please fill out the contact form below.

A Note from Andowen, AT adventure book

Please use the comment section of this form to indicate which type of information you are interested in receiving. Thanks so much for your interest!